Rules on Internet projectmanagement: (1)

100 Gouden regels voor projectmanagementRecently I bought a little book "100 Golden rules for project management" (affiliate link). A nice handy booklet, particularly a good book you can use for gifts. Given my background as a project manager, it is also nice to do buy it for myself:). See also the ‘Bookshelf’ for more tips on books.

The booklet contains 100 rules that you should stick to in project management. Each argument is briefly explained and sometimes supported with a statement. Many of the rules are also applicable to the organization of a web project. That gave me the idea for a number of these propositions "to tackle" in a day to deal with on my weblog. And make a list of my own rules for Internet projectmanagement
A brief description of the rule and how it applied to Internet projectmanagement. Today part 1: There are no rules, or: be flexible with the rules.

Be flexible with the ‘rules’

"What works is good" Lautier says in his book, and he’s right. It is good for you to stick to a number of rules but you may also vary. That is particularly true for project management for Internet projects. But only during the construction phase of a project, not in the maintenance phase afterwards. And controled.

During a project will give you will gain a lot of new insights. This is caused by the growing knowledge of the client during the construction. From an idea, the client will find out that there are many more possibilities. And that of course he wants to implement these possibilities. You can then try hard to stick to the planned rules, but the end product will not be what you want.

So make sure you have a possibility to be able to depart from the appointments as they are made on forehand. Build new appointments and explain that. Key issue here is that you pre- acknowledge that the arrangements can be adjusted.

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  1. Ha Bas, leuk initiatief! Worden het er 100? Ik ga je postings hierover zeker volgen! Tot dinsdag :-)

  2. Bas says:

    Ha Renata! Of het er 100 worden hou ik nog even in het midden, wil geen ‘loze’ beloften doen ;). Maar de komende tijd merk je het vanzelf :).

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