LeWeb's economic downfall? -

LeWeb’s economic downfall?

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LeWeb’s economic downfall?

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I’m visiting Le Web at this moment. LeWeb is one of the biggest conferences about the Web in Europe. This morning the fourth edition kicked off. I wrote posts about it on DutchCowboys and Searchcowboys. There you can read the reports on for example the talk of Nikesh Arora, one of Google’s major players in Europe.

Until now (lunchtime) LeWeb has not yet brought that what I expected. The atmosphere last year seemed a lot better and inspiring. Somehow it seems as if the economic downfall has hit this conference too. The heating is off (cold!) and the food was gone very fast. And that was not because there are a lot of people here, but because there was litlle food… Finally getting online was a disaster. After almost two hours I succeeded to get online on a press-spot. Not through the ever slow wifi but through a cable.

Let’s hope things get better soon. The list of speakers could do it, and the visitors off course, because there are a lot of interesting people here!

Do you want to follow LeWeb? You can do that! Below you can see the stream and there is a live community on which you can follow LeWeb.

And off course you can stay tuned at Dutch Cowboys and Searchcowboys!

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