Search in Holland: my presentation at the International Search Summit

Posted November 22nd, 2009 in speaking and tagged , , , by Bas van den Beld

Last week I was invited by Andy Atkins Kruger of Webcertain to talk on the International Search Summit in London. He organizes this event to give people a better view on international and multilingual Search. The event was very well organized (credits to Gemma Birch) and also had a very good line up of speakers. Amongst others Bill Hunt, Motoko Hunt, Dixon Jones, Will Critchlow and Kristjan Mar Hauksson made their appearance. I was very impressed with the quality of speakers and especially liked the talks of Motoko Hunt and Ching-Yun Huang about search in the far East, Japan and China.

In the afternoon it was my turn to do a talk about Search in Holland. I took a little different approach then most other speakers. The angle I took was somewhat cultural. I took the audience by the hand explaining them what Dutch are like and how that translates to the web and search. It was somewhat of a detour but that was intentional because I believe that if you don’t know who you’re optimizing for you won’t succeed.
The built up of the presentation looked like this:

  • some background figures
  • what do those outside of Holland think is "Dutch"?
  • what is more typical Dutch? (they like to discuss, love to trade, like bargains etcetera)
  • how does this translate to online and search?
  • How do Dutch act online?
  • The future: how do kids interact online and a look at mobile

Take a look at the presentation below. Questions? Ask them! Remarks? Place them!

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