My fifteen minutes of fame and a link from the BBC

Posted December 10th, 2009 in News and tagged , , , by Bas van den Beld

BBC NewsEverybody gets their "fifteen minutes of fame". That one moment in time you are famous. And then you get back to your normal routine. It could very well be that my fifteen minutes of fame were this week.

I’m in Paris at the moment, visiting Le Web. I’m writing here for Searchcowboys about search-related topics like Michael Arrington’s talk with Marissa Mayer and the real time search panel. That last topic, real time search, I ow my fifteen minutes of fame to.

Last monday Google announced a couple of new features, one of them being real time search integration into their regular search results. I wrote about this on Searchcowboys. The next morning when I open up my e-mail I get a couple of alerts on my name. That happens almost daily and usually its nothing important, some copies of sites, some Searchcowboys and some Twitter. But now there was one which caught my eye: one from the BBC…?

I was a bit surprised to be honest. When I clicked on the link I found this article on the BBC website about real time search. In the article I was quoted next to Danny Sullivan from Searchengineland and Ryan Singel from Wired.com. A quote (with a link!!) from the BBC doesn’t happen every day. My fifteen minutes of fame therefore? ;)
BBC quote

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  1. Barry Adams says:

    We’ll make you famous yet Bas! And then we can be part of your ‘posse’! :P

  2. admin says:

    LOL thanks Barry, couldn’t have done it without you ;)

  3. [...] to what it is now and also built my own brand up to being the international search expert (with my mention on the BBC as the biggest highlight off course;) ). I do a lot more workshops and training sessions these days [...]

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