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Hi, I am the Social Marketing Ambassador

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Hi, I am the Social Marketing Ambassador

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I have some news to share with you. Starting this week you will see a new job function appear on my Linkedin profile, my e-mail footers, my presentations and my other social media outings: that of the Social Marketing Ambassador for the DDMA, the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association. Its a function which I will be doing two days a week in the coming period.

As the Social Marketing Ambassador I will be trying to close the gap which exists between the early adopters in the industry and those looking to ‘do something’ with social marketing. I see there still is a lot of misunderstanding about the topic and the DDMA is giving me opportunity to inform people about this way of working, from a independent place.

Why me?

So why me? This function actually is made for me I think. I have always been independent and can stay independent as an ‘ambassador’. On top of that I have always been somebody who builds bridges and connects people. In this role I can do that and collect and spread the knowledge which is present with all the experts in the field.

Social Marketing?

Yes Social Marketing. Not Social Media, not Search Marketing but Social Marketing. Social Marketing can be best described as using the social environment. Originally Social Marketing was using Marketing for social good. That still is the case, but these days its more about using the social environment. Its not just Social Media, its more. Social Media actually are tools to use to make Social Marketing easier. And Social Marketing has been around for centuries. Even in the Roman Empire people decided what they were going to buy based on what their friends were saying. That still is the case. With all the new tools however it has gotten a lot more faster and for a bigger audience.

What will I be doing?

As a a Social Marketing Ambassador I will be setting up groups, connecting people and I will be working on a ‘social marketing code’ which should help. Next to that I will organize conferences, build on a knowledge base and more. I will have a lot to do! Fortunately I won’t have to do it all alone. The DDMA has got a great team of people, plus I am going to be ‘using’ the industry as a whole because in the end, it will benefit the industry.

What does it mean for my Search-work and for example State of Search?

So does this mean I’m getting out of search? Will State of Search be left to others? No! Far from, to be honest. I truly believe there is a lot of cohesion between search and social. And with social in this case I don’t mean social media, though that is close too. I am talking about the shifting way we are all doing marketing. You can really see that in search. Universal Search for example is an example of different channels being integrated into one. The ‘social’ elements like Tweets being indexed, real time search, Facebook searches and the use of other social elements in search results show that search engines are seeing the importance of social marketing. So the step is quite small.

I will not be doing the job full time, next to being Social Marketing Ambassador I will keep on running my own business in which I am doing training-sessions, speaking sessions and consulting. You can still hire me for that :- ). I will also continue to be active on State of Search as I have been in the past months. The occasional article and the managing of the blog in general. Besides that I am writing a lot at the moment which will be more visible soon.

I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. I think I can really make some steps here, both for the industry as myself. I hope you will all help me out :).

See for an interview with me on the Dutch website Marketingfacts.


Paul Hassels Monning

September 7, 2010at 12:43 pm

@basvandenbeld proficiat met je benoeming! Er ligt nog een hele 1.0 wereld te winnen in Nederland als het om social media (& SMM) gaat wat mij betreft. Kun je svp in een volgende blogpost jouw visie delen hoe je vooral verbinding wil leggen tussen de 2.0 innovators en early adopters en ‘de rest van Nederland’ en vooral ook welke rol de ROI van SMM hierbij speelt volgens jou? Zie ook deze blogpost over dit onderwerp: | met digitale groet @phasselsmonning

Bas van den Beld

September 7, 2010at 10:53 pm

Thanks Paul! Ik zal daar eens mee aan de slag gaan, maar zal daar niet hier over schrijven maar elders, zal laten weten waar!

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