“The future of Search” at the Domainfest in Prague, my preso and more

Posted October 26th, 2010 in Events, speaking and tagged , , , by Bas van den Beld

As you might have noticed before when you have visited this (personal) blog before I was asked to speak at the Domainfest conference in Prague earlier this month. It was quite the experience! In a good way!

As you may have seen they put me in a hotel room which was astonishing. Huge and very comfortable. I almost didn’t want to leave the room! The evening also was interesting with a dinner party in the Czech National Museum. Not many people will have done that and as a former history student that was special! I missed the second day because I had to fly back but they actually went on a AK47 shooting contest…!

Next to that the conference was interesting itself. There were some interesting speakers, but the main thing which caught my attention was the actual domain-auction they did. I have never seen anything like it. Domains being sold as if they were paintings from Vincent van Gogh himself. Breathtaking to watch. And some domains really got some huge numbers. I understand that restaurants.com was sold for about $6 million… Watch here how pounds.com got sold for 35.000 dollars.

And what about my talk? That went very well I think. You always have to wait and see if your story really ‘catches on’. But I think it did, at least when I talked to people afterwards it seemed that way. Below you can find my presentation, those of you who have seen my presentations before will recognize things.

I’d like to again thank the organizers for a great event and say hi to everybody I met there. I’m sure we’ll be in touch!

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