Why I’m Not Gonna Tweet About Football Games Anymore

Posted May 8th, 2011 in Personal and tagged by Bas van den Beld

Tonight Ajax played FC Twente in the Dutch Cup Final. As many of you and certainly many of my Twitter followers know, I am a huge Ajax fan. And I tweet about the games I see on TV. I did that again tonight, but I’m not going to do that again. I’ll tell you why.

The game ended in extra time. In that extra time Twente got a free kick which in my eyes (and I think in the eyes of many supporting Ajax) should have gone the other way. From that free kick Twente scored the winning goal.

Now, whether I am right or wrong doesn’t matter here. What matters is that I share my feelings about it on Twitter. And as an Ajax fan those feelings at first were disappointment, feeling cheated and disillusioned. That means I tweeted out stuff which I might not tweet out on a regular day. I would normally congratulate the winners and move on, if they win fare and square. In this case because I was emotional at first I didn’t do that, again, because I felt it was unfair. And when something in my eyes is unfair… well, let’s say I can’t stand that.

It means that at the moment I read back my tweets when I’ve calmed down I’m not very proud of all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I stand with my point that I feel the free kick was a wrong decision, I just don’t feel comfortable when I read back my tweets.

So I’m gonna stop tweeting about Football games I’m watching in which I have an emotional connection with one of the teams. Why? There are a few reasons next to the fact that I don’t feel comfortable reading all of them back. Some of my best friends can support another team. Even though I know they know I’m biased in my tweeting sometimes, it doesn’t feel right. I want to be able to look them in the face. Second, I want to be a fan which might have his emotions about the game, but also one who can control them. Especially, and this is the main reason, because I have a five year old son who I want to grow up to be a ‘nice’ football fan. I don’t want to be the wrong role model so to speak :).

But its social right?

Yes, tweeting about my ‘normal stuff’, my everyday life is social, and I’ll keep continuing to tweet about my everyday life, but I also feel that social media asks for well thought of communication. I tell everybody that you have to think about what you put online, because it might not go away. So that is what I’m doing here, thinking about what I’m putting online. And it won’t be tweets about Ajax-games anymore. To protect myself ;).

Oh and yes, I DO congratulate FC Twente for winning the cup. And I DO hope Ajax wins the title next week ;).

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  1. Roy says:

    Ha, thanks Bas :D

    I still think you should tweet about it, since it’s so close to your heart. The real pain/lesson in here is that, nobody, is completely objective.

    And it was a good decision, the linesmen saw it from real close ;) Let’s watch a great match next week!

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