Next week doing something new at A4U!

Posted June 2nd, 2011 in Events and tagged , , by Bas van den Beld

A few weeks ago I spent the entire week in the UK doing several talks (I still have to put my presentations online, will do that soon!). I was then at the conferences SMX, ISS and SASCON (check State of Search for the coverage there!). Next week I’ll again be taking the plane, over to Germany this time. To be more specific: Munich. I will go to A4U Expo Europe which, like last year, is held in the Hilton Munich Park Hotel. Last year I was one of the speakers there, but unlike then and unlike last week I won’t be speaking this year. That is because I am doing something else.

This year at A4U we from State of Search are trying out something “new”. At A4U Munich there is, as always, an Expo Hall in which sponsors can exhibit and people can network. Looking over that Expo Hall there will be a special booth in which I will be talking to people about A4U Expo, what their experiences are, but also what is keeping them busy in their day-to-day business. Off course we will also be getting speakers to talk about what they have been telling the audience on stage. For the duration of the conference we will be doing this in several ‘sessions’. This will all be live streamed on State of Search.

I am grateful to both Affiliates4U and Linkdex, who is sponsoring this, that this can be set up, because I really believe this is an ‘extra’ in the conference coverage we usually do. This can really give readers (or viewers in this case) the opportunity to get some more out of it than the ‘regular’ blogposts.

As you know I do a weekly radioshow on Webmasterradio. Als I am a big fan of the TWIT-format and on top of that I really enjoy conferences which have ‘interview-formats’ like for example the D-conferences, of which version 9 is now live (Eric Schmidt spoke there, see an extract here). That mix, and stuff I saw here in Holland, made me come up with this format. I hope it works!

Speaking of new formats in this line: last night I saw a format in this line being launched in the Netherlands, fastmovingtargets. For the Dutch people out there: this is worth following. They are doing something similar to what Leo Laporte does with his TWIT, it is a known format: interviewing online, but they are actually very ‘open’ to the crowd, which means that as a viewer you actually have influence on the discussion. They take your questions and your feedback and immediately act on it, which is very difficult to do if you are doings something live. But it does give them that little bit extra.

So I will try and learn from them and be open to instant feedback next week in Munich! So if you have questions or feedback send it in and we’ll act on it! And off course if you are in Munich, come say hi! (If you still want to go, State of Search gives you a discount)

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