This is What Made Me Proud This Crazy Week -

This is What Made Me Proud This Crazy Week

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This is What Made Me Proud This Crazy Week

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It has been a crazy week this week. It started with a “day off” on Monday because of a national holiday here in The Netherlands. Somehow we have adopted the idea of “2nd holiday days”, we celebrate an extra day of Eastern, Christmas and in this case Pentecost, or as we call it “Pinksteren”.

Now for somebody who works for a boss these days are great, an extra “free” day off. For somebody who works independently it is horrible. You lose a day. And the work you are supposed to do doesn’t wait. It just becomes more so an ‘extra’ day is just a postponement of what you were supposed to do that day, which you then have to do the days following. You lose time, it is as simple as that.

In this case the free day however was well spent. My oldest daughter (she is the middle one, I also have an older son and a younger daughter) turned four this week and she had her very first children-party. Which definitely was worth it.

But in the end this week had three working days for me, because I don’t work on Fridays (I spent that day with the kids). One of these days I was on a conference in Amsterdam so actually sitting down behind my computer and getting work done was two days, almost, because there were some appointments too. And off course Tuesday I did the radioshow, this time with guest Jon Henshaw from Raventools, which I think was one of the best shows we have ever done.

So a ‘short’ week. But that week turned out to be pretty successful, especially for State of Search. It was one of the most successful ones for State of Search ever. And I was very proud to see there wasn’t much I had to do for that. This week several bloggers posted a few pieces of gold on the website. Just take a look at these:

And then I am leaving out some great posts from the week before (I think Sam Crocker with his “Future of SEO” post has already won the post of the month). I myself posted a few too which attracted a lot of attention, but these posts were all rocking. That resulted in almost 20.000 visitors this week to all these posts. State of Search is “Going Sky High.”

But more important than the numbers I saw on the backend was what everybody could see at the front end: the quality of content. That was acknowledged by a lot of people sharing that content and some people actually expressing themselves in that matter:

This is what makes me really proud and happy. And even more because it is an acknowledgement of the quality of the bloggers on State of Search.

All in all, this short week turned out to be pretty darn successful.

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Peter Young

June 18, 2011at 2:43 pm

All of the success of State of Search is due to a lot of the hard work you have put in over the years. Congratulations Bas – and long may it continue

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