I Am Now A Faculty Member Of The Speakers Academy!

Posted June 20th, 2011 in speaking and tagged , , by Bas van den Beld

I have some really exciting news to share with you. Starting today I am A faculty member of the Speakers Academy. This means that from now on you can book me as a speaker, trainer or moderator through the Speakers Academy. I am now featured in between some of the biggest names in the speaking industry, which makes me very proud.

I decided to join the Speakers Academy because, well first of all because they let me of course ;), but mostly because I feel that the Speakers Academy stands for class, something I’d like to connect my name to.

Also speaking and workshop projects have become really busy lately with a lot of speaking and training sessions planned. Arranging them all became too much work so The Speakers Academy is kind enough to now arrange that for me.

I am very happy with this and hope to to have a long lasting relation with them. You can find my profile page in Dutch and English right here. Hope to see you soon on some workshop or when I’m speaking! Go book or spread the word ;).

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