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We Won!

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We Won!

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It’s been a while since my last update, it’s been busy! And I’ve been on a very nice holiday as well. There will be a few updates coming soon about some stuff which is going on, including where I will be speaking in the next few months and about training sessions, but I wanted to highlighted something which I am very proud of and should have talked about much sooner: winning on the European Searchawards! And yes, that wasn’t yesterday!

In this period in which is filled with medals I want to talk about a ‘medal’ “we” won last month, a golden medal actually!

Last month the European Searchawards were held in Amsterdam. It was a fun night, and a weird one in a way because it was in my home town. Where usually I get on a plane, now all of my friends from the UK and other countries came to the Netherlands, to the city I spend so many years in, the city where I spend my college-time as well, which means the night life is very familiar as well. And walking around in Amsterdam at night felt partly like I was back in college and at the same time strange because it were my search friends who were joining me, not my college friends.

But the main purpose of the night were the awards. And one of the awards was for “Best Search Blog”. And guess who won that! Yes indeed, State of Search.

It is nice to be recognized and an award like that really shows the fact that people appreciate what we do. And as I said when I collected the prize: this one is from every blogger on State of Search. Because I think that the bloggers we have is one of the main reasons of success: all enthusiastic, talented and eager to learn and to share.

So on this place I’d like to thank all the bloggers who contributed again. Now for the next steps!

Want to know the other winners? They’re all listed here!

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