Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Posted August 31st, 2012 in speaking and tagged , by Bas van den Beld

At the moment I am in Leeds, UK, where tomorrow I will be speaking at the conference “Thinkvisibility”. A conference which is close to my heart because it is organised by Dom Hodgson, a very nice and smart guy and because it is one of those conferences where it’s about great quality content, but also about good fun!

Recently I was asked if I had an overview of where I was speaking so people could come and see me speak. I realised I hadn’t. So I decided to make a nice calendar of when and where I am speaking, whether it is at a conference, an internal event or if it’s a training session.

You can find the overview of the upcoming talks here.

I will try and keep this updated as much as I can! For now there are a few beauties on the list already. Next to Thinkvisibility there is for example A4U Expo and the Dublin Web Summit. And there are some training sessions and an internal event in Kopenhagen and Stockholm coming up as well. Yes, I do have a lot to say ;-).

So go check it out and see if you can come and see me speak. And if you are around Leeds this weekend, do come and pop over to Thinkvis!

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