Life is just starting, so they say -

Life is just starting, so they say

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Life is just starting, so they say

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So as of yesterday I belong to the ‘old’ people, at least that is what some (young) people are trying to make me believe. Even my youngest daughter sang and laughed “lalala 40! papa!”, though I’m sure she didn’t mean to mock me ;).

Anyway, as you may have noticed I turned 40 yesterday. And as you may know at birthdays people congratulate you. I can honestly say, because of Social, I have never had this many people congratulating me for my birthday. There were so many I couldn’t reply to each one of them. So thank you all for that!

Now, some may say I’m old, but others say life is just starting when you turn 40. So for me this is apparently a beginning of new life! And in a way that makes sense. I am working on a lot of plans at the moment, aiming to get them going as quickly as possible. And to underline that I wrote a post yesterday on State of Search where I describe how I got where I am now and what lies ahead, both for me as the industry as a whole.

Read it, and if you like it, share it 😉

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Jack Norell

September 18, 2012at 5:15 pm

Happy Birthday Bas!

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