A4U and the Dublin Web Summit: a Sneak Peek at me Speaking

Posted October 22nd, 2012 in speaking and tagged , by Bas van den Beld

Last week was one of those weeks which had a full agenda and lots of traveling in it. These weeks are tiring as no other weeks but also very satisfying.

The week had two conferences in it, A4U Expo and the Dublin Web Summit. Next to that it was a week of meeting friends and colleagues and getting things started.

At A4U Expo I spoke about mobile in combination with social and local together with Sri Sharma, on Thursday I had traveled to the Dublin Web Summit, one of the, if not the, biggest conferences in online marketing in Europe to speak about how social and authority collide. There it was also nice to see old friends which I hadn’t seen in a while who now have an interesting app they are running called Foodzy, go check it out.

Speaking at A4U as always was lots of fun, in Dublin I had never been before so that was an interesting one, especially because that was a conference which had no less than 4,000 attendees there. My talk there was actually ‘secretly’ taped.

Usually you will have to come and see me speak or hire me to speak, but in this case you’re in luck, the video of my talk is below, so here is a ‘sneak peek’ of how I speak, so you have an idea :)

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  1. [...] I won’t explain here in detail why authority is going to play a big role in the search results, I will do that another time and we’ve highlighted that several times already in different posts. I talked about it at the Dublin Web Summit as well (see that talk here). [...]

  2. Toby Osbourn says:

    Hope it was OK for me to record your talk, I didn’t want my developer brain to miss anything you were saying!

  3. It was Toby, actually thank you for that

    But you should have come and said hi though! :)

  4. Tom van den Beld says:

    Leuk!! Wat goed dat je dit uit je hoofd doet, en dat in het Engels. Jammer dat het op de computer niet zo goed te verstaan is.
    Trotse Pa!!

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