Being interviewed on Nathalie Nahai’s Podcast and on WebcertainTV | Bas van den Beld

Being interviewed on Nathalie Nahai’s Podcast and on WebcertainTV

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Being interviewed on Nathalie Nahai’s Podcast and on WebcertainTV

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This week I was suddenly ‘everywhere’. Not only did I do my ‘regular’ things, like writing for State of Digital (a special one this time, with a post that was primarily sent via e-mail and later published on LinkedIn), I was also featured in two different interviews.

First there was the interview I did with Nathalie Nahai. Nathalie is known as “The Web Psychologist”. And for a good reason. Nathalie looks at what triggers people online. How do they behave, what do they want. A topic I am very interested in.

Nathalie does this in many different ways, she wrote a great book (which I talked to her about here), she’s a very successful keynote speaker and is very well respected in the industry. And she has a podcast, called The Good, The Bad & The Dirty – The Secret Psychology of Persuasion!

As you can imagine I was very proud that I could be in her podcast. We talked about all sorts of stuff related to audience, understanding and marketing behavior around that. You know, the stuff I talk about a lot ☺.

You can listen to the podcast here, but if I were you, I would subscribe to Nathalie’s podcast using your favorite player (iTunes, Stitcher or my personal favorite on Android, Pocketcasts) and also listen to the other guests she has had on her show!

Also, I think Nathalie has one of the best voices and English accents out there, she’s just great to listen to!


Later this week I was also featured in a video interview! The lovely Gemma Birch from Webcertain had interviewed me after SMX London for their show Webcertain TV.

In quite a rapid pace they’ve created many great videos, news, educational and interviews, around Digital Marketing. It’s a great resource to find very relevant information. Especially if you like consuming video content!

I must say, I hate looking at myself (and I believe the camera isn’t nice to me 😉 ), but this talk is also worth listening to. We chatted about different audiences and how content should nurture, not necessarily sell.

See that interview here!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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