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Interviewed on The Importance of Speaking in Public for Marketers

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Interviewed on The Importance of Speaking in Public for Marketers

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A few months ago I was interviewed for the Sitevisibility Podcast on the topic of Public Speaking. We talked about why it is important for marketers to be public speakers as well and how to approach this.

You can listen to the interview below, download the mp3, go to the Sitevisibility website or listen on iTunes. Do let me know what you think of it, it’s one of the reasons I started Speak with Persuasion!

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How to train your staff on the job and get real results

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Originally posted on State of Digital

In a fast changing industry, it is key to make sure your staff has the latest knowledge. You make sure they read (sites like State of Digital). You make sure your staff attends events. And you get your staff trained.

The problem with all of these methods, but training especially, is universal. How to get the knowledge that is being picked up, put in place. In a way that your business actually benefits. A combination of training, coaching, psychology, co-creation and agile / scrum turned out to be a revolutionary way to get results. Here’s how we got there.

Last year something interesting happened. It was a Thursday afternoon. I was standing on the school playground, waiting for my kids. A guy comes up to me. I’ve seen him before. He’s the brother of someone I know.

We start chatting and he tells me he is a marketing manager at a big Dutch insurance company. He saw me speak at an event. He says he would like to have coffee someday. To chat about some things he’s working on. He’d like my input.

That day, something amazing started. When Pim, which is the guy’s name, and I went for coffee, he explained to me that he wanted to train his staff. Now that’s not uncommon of course. But, he didn’t want to train them in the way we are all used to. He wanted to tackle a problem that many businesses have. How to make sure that what is being covered, is also actually used in day to day office work.

Actually making sure the topics you get training on, are also implemented is not easy.

It’s something many businesses struggle with. You can try to bring knowledge, but how to actually put in place that knowledge? We discussed some ideas. My new made friend suggested getting together with someone who he had been working with for a while: Daniel. Daniel is a coach, a facilitator of change processes. He had helped management team members at Pim’s company in the past, so he knew the organisation.

Pim understood that it doesn’t only take knowledge training. It also takes coaching, to make an impact. From that day on, we started talking about possibilities and ways of working. I can tell you, the possibilities seemed, and still seem, endless.

Planning our efforts

We started with a small group of people. Consisting of Daniel, Pim, myself and a few enthusiastic team members. Together, we worked out the best way of working.

The result was a combination of training, coaching and co-creation. All done on the job.

We decided to embrace the agile/scrum way of working. This meant we would be taking short ‘sprints’. In those sprints, we would tackle one ‘issue’. When that sprint is ready, we move on to the next.

The project

The project started off with two teams. Both on different topics. Together with the team members (co-creation remember), we kicked things off. We set goals, we looked at the topic and then ‘went for it’.

We would not only be working on the job, we would be learning as well.

The ‘ride’ was amazing. Yes, we faced struggles with team members not giving the full attention. Yes, on occasion I needed to ‘correct’ the direction of thinking when it comes to content marketing. And yes, one team was more self-steering than the other. But we knew that.

The results

The most important thing, though: in the end, it worked. Within 6 weeks we saw results coming out of the teams. We saw them heading in the right direction.

They didn’t just understand the marketing principles. They learned how to implement them as well. On top of that, we created a learning organisation. Through co-creation, the teams found a way forward.

In the end, we had created a ‘flow’ that worked. We started with the strategy part. In this part, Daniel and I were most actively involved. This is where we set the ‘structure’ for the future steps. Steps which would keep recurring. In the end, every team worked based on the strategy that was developed in the first ‘sprint’.

The secret of success

Why was this a success? It was because of the mix of talents and approach. We didn’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’-approach. We looked at each team and each team member separate. We decided right there and then what part of our knowledge they needed. Sometimes it was marketing knowledge, tactics and strategies. Sometimes it was about behaviour. They needed to see how their own behaviour prevented the process from going even faster.

And sometimes we were able to ‘make things flow’. When that happened, it was amazing to be part of the process. I would help them on their way. For example with a simple exercise on researching the audience. They would ‘take it’ and come back with great results. And Daniel would make sure they continued on the right track. By highlighting the attitude. By showing the progress. And at the same time by understanding their struggles. And in the end, they started to teach each other: mission accomplished.

Working together with someone like Daniel was a great, even life changing. I was able to bring my knowledge. We were able to co-create. And we were able to bring something in there I’ve been advocating for years: learning on the job. Look at my thoughts on what we can learn from Nelson Mandela on this topic.

I do a lot of training. It’s become my core business in the past few years. And I’ve always felt training shouldn’t be the same for everyone. It’s great sharing knowledge. But you want to knowledge implemented as well.

We’ve accomplished that here. Which I’m sure we will be able to do in many different places.

At the Searchelite conference in May, Daniel and I will talk about this. We will show what we’ve done. We will talk about what we’ve learned. I’m very excited by that.

In our session “How to make digital marketing work in your organisation” we’ll show you our unique approach to marketing. You’ll learn how to keep up with what’s happening and make sure your team adapts.

See details of the session and the Search Elite programme at

I want to see you there! I’ll be around all day to answer any burning questions you may have. In fact, I’ll be there the day after as well. To do a workshop on content marketing. In that workshop I’ll show you all the insights I gave the Dutch Insurance company as well!

In that workshop I’ll show you all the insights I gave the Dutch Insurance company as well!

The organisers gave me the option for a discount as well. So if you want 10% off on the ticket, use this link.

Search Elite is on 9th May at the Trampery, Old Street London EC1. See you there?

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Introducing Speak with Persuasion

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There is an interesting exercise that might surprise you. The exercise only involves counting things:

  • Count the number of times you or someone at your office is talking to an audience at an event.
  • Then add the number of times someone is talking to a group of clients.
  • Add to that the number of times you’ve been part of a ‘pitch’ in which you are presenting your business or your product.
  • Then add the number of times people are speaking to a group of colleagues

What’s your number? Is it higher than expected? I bet it is.

Without realising, we are all speakers. Whether it is at a conference or during our everyday work. In the business of marketing, this is even more so. We are also training our clients, sometimes even teaching potential clients. We are doing webinars, creating videos, and much more.

We are always “speaking in public”.

As marketers, we are doing this all with one main purpose: to persuade. To persuade our clients to choose us, to persuade their clients to choose them. To persuade our colleagues or our management from the direction we are choosing.

We are always trying to persuade.

So answer me this: why is there so little attention for doing this right?

Too often, I am surprised about how little businesses actually pay attention to this part of the job. Because that’s what it is: part of the job.

Yet we expect everyone in our organisations to ‘do it’. Talent or no talent. They expect you to speak in one or more of the situations described above. Without any problem.

This why last year I started offering a public speaking course to agencies.

But we can do more.

Introducing Speak with Persuasion

This is why I am proud to announce a new venture: Speak with Persuasion.

At Speak with Persuasion, we aim to make every marketer a better speaker. Whether it is for internal or external purposes.

Speak with Persuasion will be offering different training options. Training that fits both individuals and businesses. At the same time, it will also be a learning platform for (marketing) speakers.

There are articles, a blog (where learnings and good examples are shared). We have unique e-mail tips and insights, and soon we will have a podcast, online training and webinars.

At Speak with Persuasion, you can learn everything about public speaking and persuasion.

Whether you experienced in speaking or not. Whether you are looking for small tips or big changes. If you are looking for information to improve your pitches. Or if you want to know more about being a trainer, it’s all there.

Go check it out!

I’d love to know what your thoughts are, so message me or drop me a tweet (and don’t forget to follow Speak with Persuasions Twitter feed!).

PS If you’d like me to come and deliver a talk or run a workshop for your business: ping me an email. I’d be happy to chat further!

PS 2 Of course, I’d love some shares on social about this!

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Helping you to Get Business out of Speaking

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I’ve come up with something for you! Read on to find out what!

This summer, when reminiscing on the beach about a great first six months I started to think about the speaking circuit. The one I will be getting back on again this week. I started thinking about the speeches I had seen. Some great ones were in there. Seeing Rand and Marcus several times is always a joy. Seeing Lisa Myers speak as well. And the way my close friend Sam Noble has grown in the past year is amazing to watch.

But I also realised something else: I’ve seen more bad than good speaking sessions.

When wondering about why that is, it started to dawn on me: it’s not the speakers, it’s their businesses. They don’t prepare them enough.

If you look at the difference between speakers it becomes very obvious. There are those who are naturals, those that are there because they want to. And there are those because they have to. Simply because speaking is a way of getting leads. Oddly enough, most businesses aren’t getting those leads. They are losing money on it.

This lead to me thinking a lot about the reasons some speakers are on stage and how the businesses behind them (agencies, brands, platforms) manage all that. I wrote about that on my Linkedin page.

I also started thinking about what I could do to help. After all, with more than a decade experience in speaking and the training DNA in my blood, I am made to help with this.

That’s why I decided to launch a speaking course. But not just any. One that is tailored to the needs of a business. And one that is focused on actually making speaking worth your while.

So proudly I present to you:

my Public Speaking Course!

I’ve detailed everything on the course on a dedicated page.

I’d love to help you and your business get the most out of speaking, whether it’s at a conference, or when pitching. I’m ready to help. Are you ready to take the plunge? Let me know! Check out the dedicated page or get in touch right away here:

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Speaking season starts again, where can you find me?

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The summer holiday is almost over. For my kids that is, I’ve already started working again. Though it’s not as intense as when the kids are at school!

The end of the summer also marks the start of another conference season. A lot of events will start again in September and will run through until somewhere in November when the ‘winter break’ starts.

As usual, I will be part of this season again as well. There are already some speaking engagements booked and I’m sure more will follow. Next to that the training sessions will start again!

If you like to see me speak, here are some of the places you can find me in the next few months!

Brighton SEO

Yes, finally! I’m returning to Brighton SEO! It’s been a few years since I’ve been there and I’m very much looking forward to speaking there and seeing the UK Search scene again. I know there will be many friends there, which will make it fun. But there is also a huge crowd of search people I don’t know yet. Brighton SEO is turned into the biggest search conference in the UK rapidly, quite the accomplishment!

You can see me speak there on Friday, September 2nd, at 2.30 PM!

Retail day Bing Ads Amsterdam

Bing is growing, yes it is! And Bing is working hard to keep in touch with the community. One way of doing that is by organising a lot of events. Which is what they are doing on September 16th! And Bing has asked me to be the host for the afternoon! So I’ll be moderating the sessions at the Bing Amsterdam Office!

TheInbounder Jose Palazon-9911


A conference I’ve been a fan of for years and finally I’m speaking there: Searchlove London! Organised on October 17 & 18. This event, organised by the clever people at Distilled, is a must-attend conference in the search industry. I’ll be speaking alongside people like Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Larry Kim, Lisa Myers, Marcus Tober and more. Be sure to check it out and be there. And when you are there: come say hi!!

Digital Sports Day

Finally one in The Netherlands again! On October 31st I’ll be speaking at Nyenrode University for the Digital Sports Day. In Dutch, yes, so hoping on a lot of Dutch attendees ;-). I spoke for them before and sports marketers are an interesting breed of people. As often with sports, they are very passionate and willing to do everything to ‘win’. Which makes it a challenging environment. Really looking forward to this one!

SMX Milan

It’s 99,9% certain that I will be here, so I’m just throwing it in there! I’ve never been to Milan so November 7th will be the first time ever I will travel there! I’m very excited to join friends and industry hot shots like Avinash Kaushik, Adam Singer, Aleyda Solis, Kristjan Hauksson, Ken Mcgriffin, Jim Sterne and many others!

As you can see, the agenda is slowly filling up. Which is great! But there is also still room for more, so if you would like me to speak at one of your events, do get in touch!

Training sessions

Next to the speaking sessions I will also be doing lots of training courses again as well! I’ll be teaching for Beeckestijn, teaching for a medical MBA group and some internal training sessions at businesses. Here more will be added as well and again, if you are looking for training, do come and chat with me about it!



Are you interested in hiring Bas, either as a speaker for your event, as a trainer or as a consultant for your business?