My presentation at A4UExpo

Posted May 5th, 2009 in Events, Featured by Bas van den Beld

Last week I spent two days on A4UExpo, a conference in Amsterdam focussed on the Affiliate market. It was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.

I was at A4U Expo to cover the event for Searchcowboys (look at the reports on the special event channel on Searchcowboys) and as a speaker. I was the last speaker on the last day, which normally means no-one is there. Not this time though, the room was filled with enough people :).

At my presentation, which was part of three presentations about linkbuilding, I took a different angle on linkbuilding, namely the one of a publisher. I talked about how to (not) adress the media. Below my presentation!

I was going to talk about the same subject at SMX London, but sadly enough a track got canceled which also means my presentation was. I’m speaking on another subject also, but I’ll inform you about that later on!

Social Networking: what’s the use?

Posted March 12th, 2009 in explained, Featured, Video by Bas van den Beld

Just before my daughter was born I did a presentation about the use of online social networking in front of a group of Dutch "offline" managers. The presentation (in Dutch) can be seen on my Dutch blog.

One of the things which is always difficult is to explain to those who are not familiar with the subject what social networking actually is and what the benefits are. That’s why I like Common Craft so much. These guys know how to explain things easy:

Ten years of Google Homepages: spot the differences

Posted September 7th, 2008 in Featured, search by Bas van den Beld

Google birthday DoodleThis month Google celebrates its ten year anniversary. Reason for many bloggers and media to stop and look back. And why not. Google has in the past decade, changed the way we all use the Internet.

For ten years, most of us almost daily open the white, quiet Google Homepage. The "original" Google homepage is still recognizable in today’s homepage, but in the course of the years more has changed than you might suspect. An overview. Continue Reading »