Making my debut on tv and in a Dutch newspaper

Posted January 31st, 2011 in Interview, News, Social Marketing by Bas van den Beld

Last week was a week I’m not likely to forget that easily. It was special because I was very busy with a training session and there was an afternoon about Social Marketing for non-profit organisations which I organized (and spoke at) for the DDMA. But there was something else last week which was fun: I made my debut in both a national newspaper (the Algemeen Dagblad) and on National television!

It started on Tuesday when a reporter from the AD called me to ask about a website which had what they said was a revolutionary idea in Holland. When you tweeted from the website you would get a 5 euro discount voucher. Now this is nothing new in other countries, but the Netherlands has to get used to this.

The question was how new this really was and whether or not this was something which people would actually like. After all, you are sending a commercial out to your friends. The article appeared in the newspaper on Wednesday:

(click to enlarge)

That same day I got a call from Editie NL, a Dutch show who wanted to know more about this. After a talk they asked me if I would be willing to appear on camera. Off course I did :).  A cameraman and reporter came by my house on Friday to record several things. This was broadcasted on Friday evening. Continue Reading »

My fifteen minutes of fame and a link from the BBC

Posted December 10th, 2009 in News by Bas van den Beld

BBC NewsEverybody gets their "fifteen minutes of fame". That one moment in time you are famous. And then you get back to your normal routine. It could very well be that my fifteen minutes of fame were this week.

I’m in Paris at the moment, visiting Le Web. I’m writing here for Searchcowboys about search-related topics like Michael Arrington’s talk with Marissa Mayer and the real time search panel. That last topic, real time search, I ow my fifteen minutes of fame to.

Last monday Google announced a couple of new features, one of them being real time search integration into their regular search results. I wrote about this on Searchcowboys. The next morning when I open up my e-mail I get a couple of alerts on my name. That happens almost daily and usually its nothing important, some copies of sites, some Searchcowboys and some Twitter. But now there was one which caught my eye: one from the BBC…?

I was a bit surprised to be honest. When I clicked on the link I found this article on the BBC website about real time search. In the article I was quoted next to Danny Sullivan from Searchengineland and Ryan Singel from A quote (with a link!!) from the BBC doesn’t happen every day. My fifteen minutes of fame therefore? ;)
BBC quote

Top five May 2008: A lot of search and online identity

Posted June 11th, 2008 in News by Bas van den Beld

Top vijf mei 2008The top five seemed to have died a silent death. Each week a post about my favorites ultimately proved not feasible. Not because there was nothing to write about, but because there are too many other subjects to write about. To get the top five breathing again I now give a monthly overview of five articles that struck me. Same principle, but only once a month.

In this first ‘new’ version much attention for search topics. We get a look behind the scenes at Google, learn how we should deal with large search projects and what search 4.0 is all about. Also we take a look at your online identity, but the number 1 is an overview like this, but a very special one.

1. Go Get This
You have many lists on the web. Lists such as the one you’re reading right now. But the ‘list’ on the website of Cowgirl Marjolijn I feel is very special. She wanted her own "favorites" for the month to be much more visual. And she succeeded in a very special way. I think definitely worth a number 1 spot. Go have a look! Continue Reading »

Top five March 31 to April 6: The Next Web 2008

Posted April 7th, 2008 in Events, News, Websites by Bas van den Beld

Top vijf: The Next Web[lang_nl]De top vijf deze week staat, hoe kan het ook anders, volledig in het teken van The Next Web 2008. Alle vijf de items zijn afkomstig van The Next Web. Het is mijn persoonlijke top vijf voor de ‘Next-Web-dagen’. Daarbij uiteraard de prijs voor Dutch Cowboys, het interview van Mark de Kock met Scoble en enkele presentaties. En vanwege het verbazingwekkende publiek: Diggnation.

1. Dutch Cowboys wint beste Weblog Award Next Web (4 april)
Website: Dutch Cowboys
Het moment voor mij was het moment dat Dutch Cowboys de prijs voor beste weblog ontving. Zoals ik ook al in mijn post over de Next Web aangeef vanwege het unieke moment dat we ‘op volle oorlogssterkte’ aanwezig waren en echt iets moois hebben neergezet. Daarom op nummer 1 deze week![/lang_nl]

[lang_en]The top five this week, how could it be otherwise, is completely dedicated to The Next Web 2008. All five items are submitted during The Next Web. It is my personal top five for the ‘Next-Web days." This of course includes the price for Dutch Cowboys, the interview of Mark de Kock with Scoble and some presentations. And because of the amazing audience: Diggnation.

1. Dutch Cowboys wins best Weblog Award Next Web (April 4) (Dutch)
Website: Dutch Cowboys
The ultimate moment for me was when Dutch Cowboys received prize for best weblog. As I pointed out in my post on the Next Web because of the unique moment that we were all present and really made a group effort. So at number 1 this week! [/lang_en] Continue Reading »

Top five March 10 to 16: Social Media, blogs and community journalism

Posted March 16th, 2008 in News, Websites by Bas van den Beld

Top vijf  10 t/m 16 maart: Social Media, blogs en community journalismeAfter a period of absence the top five is back. Again you get an overview of five very interesting articles which provide more insight into the online opportunities. This week a lot of attention for Social Media and how you deal with it, including blogging and blogcomments. Last but not least an article about ‘community journalism’.

1. How to build a successful news blog: 10 information sources you can use (March 13th)
Website: DoshDosh
Daily many new blogs appear on the web. If you want to set up a successful blog (with a lot of high-quality content and visitors) that’s a lot of hard work. In an extensive post DoshDosh gives 10 important tips. Tip of the week!

2. Social Media Campaign vs. Social Media Strategy (March 10th)
Website: Ignite Social Media
How to use Social Media is not clear to everyone. Similarly, the difference between a campaign and a strategy is not always clear. At Ignite, Jim Tobin explains the difference.

3. Link Building Via Blog Comments : Is It Spamming Or Not? (March 12th)
Website: Searchenginejournal
Maybe you wonder why I want to go to the Search Engine Strategies in the coming week. Searchenginewatch gives seven reasons why one should visit the Congress. And could even think of seven more…

4. Nine Essential Tactics For Reputation Management In Social Media (March 13th)
Website: Searchengineland
Your online reputation is becoming increasingly important. Not only for individuals but also for organizations. On Searchengineland Marty Weintraub, following his presentation on SMX, talks about how to use tactics herein.

5. Journalism in the Hands of the Neighborhood (March 10th)
Website: The New York Times
‘Citizen journalism’, that is what the gathering and dissemination of news content on the Web by users is called. There are many people who have a problem with this term and the phenomenon. In the New York Times a nice article on the "Mobilizing Media Project in Philadelphia which is all about ’community journalism’.