Learning from others: Mashable

Posted June 1st, 2011 in Opinion by Bas van den Beld

For somebody who has been working on blogs and promoting them to the bigger public it is always nice to see how others became successful. In this case I found the video of a Bloomberg item about Mashable. Though not the site I want to be content-wise, but I like it and it can be an example in how they are growing and doing their business and reaching a bigger audience. A nice video to watch.

Video found via

Getting interviewed by a Czech newspaper

Posted January 20th, 2011 in Interview, Opinion, State of Search by Bas van den Beld

Last week I got a message, if I was willing to talk to a reporter from the Czech newspaper the Prague Post. Eh Prague…? Czech..? That is not really my area, I live in the Netherlands. I did speak in Prague a few months ago, maybe that is why?

It turned out to be a short interview about the ‘dispute’ which is going in Czech between the Czech leading search engine, Seznam, and Google. You have to know that Czech is one of the few countries world wide where Google is NOT the dominant force. In Czech Seznam is the biggest. An Internet search company, Toplist, however gave out some numbers indicating that Google had surpassed Seznam. Seznam disagreed.

The newspaper wanted to talk to me about the dispute but also about local search engines in general. I do a lot of writing about European search, both on State of Search as on Searchengineland. Therefore they came to me. That was fun! I was interviewed next to friend and organizer of the SES Conferences Mike Grehan.

See an extract of the article below. The entire article you can read here. I wrote a bigger article on the matter on State of Search to describe what is going on in Czech.

Online advertising is not dead yet

Posted April 12th, 2010 in Opinion by Bas van den Beld

There is a lot of discussion going on on how publishers can make money on the web. Because advertising is not working anymore, or at least there is not enough money made by it, some publishers are looking into the possibility of putting content behind closed doors and having people pay for it. If that is the answer (probably not) remains to be seen, but ok.

In the meanwhile, is advertising dead? Not yet, as far as I’m concerned. But to be honest, you don’t want the ads to be ‘in your face’. Product placement can than be an answer, but you can also just be creative. Today I stumbled across an add which I thought was made very smart, at least the way they present it ┬áis smart. It shows that as long as you are creative online advertising is not dead yet, far from I would say:

Hier heb ik van genoten in 2007

Posted December 23rd, 2007 in Opinion by Bas van den Beld

Het is een ouderwets spelletje “en nu jij” waar ik in verzeild geraakt ben. Maar wel een leuk spelletje. Via het weblog van Dutchcowgirl en verwoed twitteraarster Marjolijn kreeg ik een van de stokjes overhandigd met de vraag op te schrijven waarvan ik heb genoten in 2007. Zij had het stokje weer gekregen van Marco Derksen.

Natuurlijk wil ik dat! Hier zijn ze dan, vijf dingen waar ik in 2007 van genoten heb. Ik heb ze onderverdeeld in een vijftal categorieen.
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