My Brilliant Blogging Session at SES: Should I do a webinar?

Posted March 6th, 2014 in speaking by Bas van den Beld

I usually don’t upload my slides to Slideshare anymore. Mainly because I use so much imagery that without my story there it doesn’t really make sense if you look at the slides. That’s why I uploaded an example of my slidedecks before. In this case I thought I would an exception, because the ‘Brilliant Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Reach’ session at SES London 2014 was new and different and I think it could benefit people.

Also I’m planning to create a webinar out of it. And that’s where you come in. Let me know in the comments if I should indeed create an (hour?) webinar on blogging and if you would be interested to attend!

Here are the slides:

So, should I do a webinar on this? Let me know!

2013: What a Year I’ve had!

Posted December 30th, 2013 in Events, Personal, speaking by Bas van den Beld

The year is almost over, about time for a little recap. Yes, I know, there are many out there, but this one is different. Why? Because it’s about my year :). On my final trip of the year, back from Istanbul, Turkey, to Amsterdam, I had some time to reflect a little on what has been one of the most amazing years in my life. This year I have seen a lot of this world, more than ever before, met a lot of great people, was inspired a lot, saw some great businesses and learned a lot myself as well. Time to get you up to speed on what I’ve done this year. Continue Reading »

I’m a UK Influential in Online Marketing, but I’m Dutch…

Posted February 13th, 2013 in Personal by Bas van den Beld

Next week I will be speaking at SES London again. I have done that for the past few years and it’s always an event I enjoy a lot. That is for several reasons: the audience is very diverse, from SEO’s to ‘General’ Online Marketers and it is always a great opportunity to meet up with friends from within the industry. Also because a lot of US based people are coming over for this one.

One of the people coming over is Lee Odden, who I have had the pleasure of meeting up with several times over the past few years. Lee is a successful author, speaker and he runs Toprankblog, one of the first online marketingblogs I started following years ago.

On his blog Lee every year looks at the UK Blogs, which are a must-follow. Last year State of Search featured there. This year they took a different angle and looked at the top influencers and bloggers in the UK. For that they asked suggestions from people within the UK industry and then looked at their influential status.

Very surprisingly I showed up in that list, and quite high as well:


Surprising not because I’m not an influential (I know I am), but more that I’m not English and this clearly is a list of Top UK Influentials and Bloggers. And I’m Dutch.

Lee Odden explained it to me in an e-mail:

“Quite a few of the people we reached out to for nominations mentioned you specifically for this list, more than any other person that made it.”

Which means UK people nominated me to be on that list. Which off course is great! I am very honoured to be a Dutchman this high up in the list of UK influentials and bloggers in online marketing. It is the result of hard work running State of Search, speaking, doing workshops and consulting agencies, helping them determine their strategy directions.

Thank you all those who put me on this list!

Be sure to check out our State of Search event week running up to SES London next week!

A4U and the Dublin Web Summit: a Sneak Peek at me Speaking

Posted October 22nd, 2012 in speaking by Bas van den Beld

Last week was one of those weeks which had a full agenda and lots of traveling in it. These weeks are tiring as no other weeks but also very satisfying.

The week had two conferences in it, A4U Expo and the Dublin Web Summit. Next to that it was a week of meeting friends and colleagues and getting things started.

At A4U Expo I spoke about mobile in combination with social and local together with Sri Sharma, on Thursday I had traveled to the Dublin Web Summit, one of the, if not the, biggest conferences in online marketing in Europe to speak about how social and authority collide. There it was also nice to see old friends which I hadn’t seen in a while who now have an interesting app they are running called Foodzy, go check it out.

Speaking at A4U as always was lots of fun, in Dublin I had never been before so that was an interesting one, especially because that was a conference which had no less than 4,000 attendees there. My talk there was actually ‘secretly’ taped. Continue Reading »

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Posted August 31st, 2012 in speaking by Bas van den Beld

At the moment I am in Leeds, UK, where tomorrow I will be speaking at the conference “Thinkvisibility”. A conference which is close to my heart because it is organised by Dom Hodgson, a very nice and smart guy and because it is one of those conferences where it’s about great quality content, but also about good fun!

Recently I was asked if I had an overview of where I was speaking so people could come and see me speak. I realised I hadn’t. So I decided to make a nice calendar of when and where I am speaking, whether it is at a conference, an internal event or if it’s a training session.

You can find the overview of the upcoming talks here.

I will try and keep this updated as much as I can! For now there are a few beauties on the list already. Next to Thinkvisibility there is for example A4U Expo and the Dublin Web Summit. And there are some training sessions and an internal event in Kopenhagen and Stockholm coming up as well. Yes, I do have a lot to say ;-).

So go check it out and see if you can come and see me speak. And if you are around Leeds this weekend, do come and pop over to Thinkvis!