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Why Bas is your best trainer

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Do you wonder why you should train with me and not someone else? After all, being a great speaker is one thing, teaching someone is another.

I couldn’t agree more. I get that because I’m not just a speaker. I’m actually a trained teacher! As you can read in my stories, I have studied history. In that time, I was trained to teach as well. Where history is still a big part of my life, I have been teaching on a different topic a lot in the last 15 years: digital marketing. On top of that, I come from a family of teachers, my dad, my mum, my grandma, aunts, uncles and my sister: all teachers. It’s in my DNA!

As a trained teacher, I offer training courses that generate action and results. I’ve performed training sessions for many businesses including Comedy Central, KLM, Koozai and several business schools, teaching at MBA’s. I’ve been training on different topics with different types of students. But the main type of students I’ve had in the past few years are marketers. People just like you!

What people say about me as a (speaker) trainer

In that time I’ve not only spoken myself and keynoted many events, I’ve also seen many other speakers. Some of them I have helped become a better speaker and helped get on the speaking circuit.

Russell O’Sullivan, Snr Digital Performance Marketing Manager Lloyds Banking

“I have known Bas for a number of years, where I have seen him run an array of talks on all matters of digital marketing. I approached Bas when I first started my own journey on attending conferences and presenting talks, as I was in need of some mentoring to shape what I was doing, to make it both a success and of course, so the audience understood what I was presenting and the outcomes.

He helped with a few tips on overcoming nerves and being able to make sure the start of the talk runs smoothly;

Bas has been instrumental in helping me develop my public speaking style, my confidence and approach – which has allowed me to talk across various locations in Europe to audiences from 25-400 people”

James Murray, EMEA Product Marketing Manager Microsoft Bing

“Great teachers and great doers are seldom found in the same individual and yet Bas is one of those rare breeds that excels at both when it comes to public speaking. I’ve watched Bas enrapture audiences for years with his captivating storytelling. As a trainer, Bas is challenging, encouraging and insightful; nurturing people of all levels to realise their potential.“

Samantha Noble, Client Strategy Director Koozai

“Over the years, Bas has helped me become a better speaker by giving me the confidence to actually believe in myself. It is a really daunting experience when you first get up on a stage but Bas gave me lots of helpful bits of advice along the way that really eased that pressure.”

David Iwanow, Director of Strategy, Blueglass UK

“Bas spent a day with our London team to run through how we can improve our public speaking to ensure we can better capture the audience’s attention and work on using storytelling to get our message across more succinctly. Bas did a wonderful job running the public speaking course and it was a lot of fun and the team got a lot out of the event. I would strongly recommend you chat with Bas if you want your team to perform better when presenting.”

Here’s what David said after the training session at Blueglass:

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