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Training Details

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But let me answer a few questions about the course.

What is being covered in the course?

In the course there will be attention for…

  • the current situation: we will look at individual strengths and weaknesses
  • building the right story
  • understanding and connecting with the audience
  • body language
  • how to handle nerves
  • specific tips and tricks to keep the engagement
  • working towards a goal

What will you learn in the course?

When the workshop is over the students will have learned… (click)

  • how to get attention when speaking
  • how to get engagement when speaking
  • how to be remembered
  • how to tell a story
  • how to build a great deck
  • specific tips and tricks that will make them a great speaker

Who is it for?

Who should attend this course?

  • Beginners and inexperienced speakers looking for confidence and starting tips
  • More experienced speakers who want to improve and get feedback
  • Experienced speakers who want specific feedback and tips to become even better
  • Teams looking to benefit from speaking business-wise (make money from it)
  • Teams that want to learn how to be better at pitching
  • Teams that want to sharpen their speaking qualities and get more confidence
  • You!?
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