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Training options

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What different course types are available?

There are several different course types available.

Basic speakers program Captivating program Coaching program Tailored program


Who can attend? Anyone can attend (Somewhat) Experienced speakers Starters as well as (Somewhat) Experienced speakers Businesses only
Description The basic program helps speakers get insights on how they speak and how they can improve their speaking skills The Captivating program helps speakers with (some) experience become TED-like captivating speakers In the coaching program Bas will coach speakers for a longer time, helping them improve every time they speak This program can be tailored to the needs and wishes of a business
How long? 1 day 3 days (not consecutive) Depending on participants needs and wishes Depending on businesses needs and wishes
Cost indication Starting at € 335/£299 per person * Starting at € 697/£599 per person * Please enquire Please enquire
* (please enquire to get detailed information)

** Excluding travel costs + minimum 5 people

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Is there a way to do this outside of my company?

Would you like to follow the course, but you are the only one in your business? Don’t worry, there is a solution! You could follow the coaching program, however, if you would like to learn in a group, there is something else. If there are enough sign-ups from those wanting to learn outside of these programs, I will organise a special day for those people. We at least need 8 entries before we start a program like that, though! So bring your friends! If you bring together a group of 8 yourself, you get the group discount!

Simply tick the box “I am interested in the solo program below and when there are enough sign-ups, you are in!

Are there other tailoring options?

Yes. Each course will be tailored based on the students in the room. When working with a group from a business, the course will be tailored to fit the needs of the business.

When the course is specifical with one company, the emphasis will be on the key message of the company and how to be better at conferences as well as pitches.

I can create a completely bespoke course for the organisation when needed. Just let me know the requirements!

What else do I need to know about this course?

Length: 1 day (when more than 8 people sign up, they will be divided over two days), 3 days or tailored
Number of participants: max 8 per day to preserve high quality and personal attention
Costs: Please enquire for a quote. Se table above for cost indication

What does my world look like after this course?

After this course…

  • Speakers will speak with more confidence
  • Speakers will know how to use body language
  • Speakers will be able to tell the right story
  • Speakers will have feedback about their speaking habits and know how to work with them
  • Speakers will be able to move the audience
  • Speakers will have strengthened their speaking techniques
  • Speakers will get more business out of speaking
  • More pitches will be won
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