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Bas helps companies develop solid marketing strategies based on the innate understanding of the needs and behaviors of their customers.

A trained teacher, Bas has a gift for pitching material all levels of an organization so knowledge gets absorbed and retained by all. Through years of experience (more than 15 years), he is able to effectively bring together stakeholders and facilitate workshops and training that generates action and results.

With his unique international experience, Bas is ahead of the curve in knowing the latest developments. He understands how they can be useful for organizations. He can easy adapt that to the organizations he works with.

Bas can inspire, make things understandable and actionable, almost right away.

Working with Bas

Bas uses a unique format of workshops to get a strategy thought out implemented and in motion right away. This means you won’t have to wait for reports and won’t have to take a long period of time before you can see results. The workshops are the start and part of the process. Get in touch to learn more about the workshops.

Instead of waiting for reports, with Bas you get instant results and actions are taking straight away.

Bas offers different ways of working together:

  • Consulting on digital marketing strategies
  • One-on-one consulting with C-level management on trends and developments
  • Workshops to get digital marketing strategies up and running

Businesses Bas worked with

Bas has worked with some of the biggest brands in technology, travel, and entertainment including KLM, MTV / Comedy Central (Viacom), Koozai, Linkdex, DMA and more.

Businesses that have worked with Bas have all gotten more success using Digital Marketing. After working with Bas, businesses and students get a clear understanding of the direction their marketing strategy should be going in. Bas makes sure they get a better understanding of the latest developments and how to implement or evolve a marketing strategy.




Here are some remarks made by clients about working with Bas:

The strong thing about Bas is that he always knows how to hold a mirror in front of us, which makes that we make better and more s
olid choices. – Mieke Bossen (KLM / Air France)

Bas has a lot of experience when it comes to working with lots of different businesses and brands so he can really take the outsider role and look at what is done with a different pair of eyes. – Sam Noble (Koozai)

Bas’ recommendations on both editorial and technical level made big impact. – Mieke Weismann (Viacom)

Are you making the most out of your digital marketing strategy? Bas is here to help you by getting you to understand your digital customer and the trends better.

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