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State of Search: looking at the why

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As you know I have been working on Searchcowboys for the past 1,5 years. Only a short while ago I announced that I would stop doing that. After building up the brand to where it is now I wanted more time for all my other initiatives.

Last week I launched one of these other initiatives: State of Search. A website (blog) about the world of search. I launched this site with amongst others Lisa Myers and the help of other friends like Roy and Louis. At State of Search we try to take a look at the “why” in search. It’s not a news-site, its about the why of the news and how to react on it.

It might suprise some that I started a new initiative this soon after leaving Searchcowboys. After all, one of the reasons I left Searchcowboys was that I wanted more time. Let me explain.

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Leaving Searchcowboys

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This Monday I announced on Searchcowboys I will be leaving the website. After almost two years of "working my ass off" for the website and making it a big success I really felt the need to take new steps.

I’m not going to repeat the entire article from Searchcowboys (read it here) but I do want to highlight a couple of things.

Thank you cowboys
First of all I want to stress again how much fun it has been getting Searchcowboys to where it is now. It has been hard work but it has also given me very much. I’ve really made name for myself over the past year and I couldn’t have done that without Searchcowboys. Therefore I have to thank everybody involved in the website, especially off course Henk and Paul, the founders of Dutchcowboys.

What’s next?
If you’ve followed me over the past year you will know I really love blogging. And that means I won’t stop blogging, even though I won’t do that on Searchcowboys anymore. I will continue to blog on several places like SearchenginelandSearchenginewatch and others. I will off course be blogging here and I’m thinking of setting up a blog where I can put my ‘in depth articles’. Also the radioshow on Webmasterradio will go on as usual. The name will stay the same for now, though that might change some day, who knows.

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My fifteen minutes of fame and a link from the BBC

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BBC NewsEverybody gets their "fifteen minutes of fame". That one moment in time you are famous. And then you get back to your normal routine. It could very well be that my fifteen minutes of fame were this week.

I’m in Paris at the moment, visiting Le Web. I’m writing here for Searchcowboys about search-related topics like Michael Arrington’s talk with Marissa Mayer and the real time search panel. That last topic, real time search, I ow my fifteen minutes of fame to.

Last monday Google announced a couple of new features, one of them being real time search integration into their regular search results. I wrote about this on Searchcowboys. The next morning when I open up my e-mail I get a couple of alerts on my name. That happens almost daily and usually its nothing important, some copies of sites, some Searchcowboys and some Twitter. But now there was one which caught my eye: one from the BBC…?

I was a bit surprised to be honest. When I clicked on the link I found this article on the BBC website about real time search. In the article I was quoted next to Danny Sullivan from Searchengineland and Ryan Singel from A quote (with a link!!) from the BBC doesn’t happen every day. My fifteen minutes of fame therefore? 😉
BBC quote

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We Won! And I got interviewed!

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Searchcowboys most helpful blog according to Searchfeature.comSometimes its good that you monitor what is being written about you. That way for example I found out that, a website I didn’t know beforehand, was doing a poll on which blog was the most helpful when it comes to search. We were nominated. And guess what, in a list with, amongst others, Searchengineland, SEO Chicks and Searchenginewatch, we won!

Now I don’t know how many visitors actually go to, but still, if its only a few, it still is an honor to be winning a contest like this, especially since the votes come from readers.

So we won, what did that give me? Well, except for the honor, they also interviewed me! So you can now read a big interview with me over at Be sure to read it and tell me what you think of the interview!

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Video-tip: Danny Sullivans keynote on local search

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I ran into this video below yesterday. I hadn’t seen it before, and was pleasantly surprised. Danny Sullivan, probably the best known search guru in the world, did a keynote at "Where 2.0" last May. He talked about local search and what issues the ‘normal guy’ could have with local. It’s a very good keynote because Sullivan knows how to combine humor with lessons and search and is able to present the issues in a language anyone, not just the search community, can understand. It’s a killer tip therefore: watch this!



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