A lot of businesses struggle with communication in different ways. These companies come to me to get workshops to help their employees improve. All the workshops have a few things in common:

The workshops are all very interactive

The workshops always give the attendees usable insights
The workshops give the attendees tools top work with
The workshops always give the attendees confidence to move forward

I provide workshops on the following topics:

  • Presenting like a pro
  • Conversational training
  • Pitching for sales or investment
  • Working with feedback
  • Learning how to brainstorm
  • Getting more confidence
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Optimise your meetings
  • Better communication

What attendees and clients said

“What Bas offers; is something of great value to the whole team and made us all interact and learn more about ourselves and how to improve with what we already have in place!
I highly recommend all company CEOs to start spending more of their time with the team, rather than just send them of to conferences on their own and Bas did an excellent job in teaching, listening and guiding us through the day. Everyone in my team enjoyed the day!”

“Both our sales and account management teams attended training sessions with Bas. They returned with loads of baggage they now use in their pitches and presentations. Making them better conversationalists.”

“Recently our employees have participated in a training of Bas to improve their skills in public speaking. Bas has been able to give us many useful tips. The most valuable thing about Bas’s training is that you can apply these tips directly in practice. It has been a great help to us and I recommend everyone who wants to develop themselves in public speaking to follow this training.”