Testimonals - what other say about Bas van den Beld


Find below some testimonials of some of my clients or event organizers I have worked with.

Be sure to read some of the clients’ personal stories here!

Mieke Bossen – KLM / Air France

“The strong thing about Bas is that he always knows how to hold a mirror in front of us, which makes that we make better and more solid choices.”

[For KLM I did consultancy work]

Helen Whitten, Head of European Marketing Communications, Roland Europe Group

“I was aware of Bas as a prominent figure in the digital marketing community and as founder of State of Digital – our “Go-to” site for all marketing knowledge, so had no hesitation in approaching him to help with our digital marketing efforts.

Bas has a unique mix of experience in speaking, training, and consultancy and so was able to help train our entire European team and then dive into a consultancy project with a smaller group. His sessions have been both educational and fun, providing us with best practice insight, challenge where necessary and knowledge to enable us to take our learning forward to other projects.”

[For Roland I did both training and consultancy]

Rachel Costello – Deepcrawl

Speaking to you was a complete turning point for my approach, my confidence – the whole lot! I’m very lucky I had the chance to soak up some of your knowledge 🙂

[For Rachel I did speaking training sessions]

Sam Noble – Koozai

“Bas has a lot of experience when it comes to working with lots of different businesses and brands so he can really take the outsider role and look at what is done with a different pair of eyes.”

[For Koozai I did training sessions]

Mieke Weismann – Viacom

“Bas’ recommendations on both editorial and technical level made a big impact.”

[For Viacom I did both training and consultancy]

Gemma Birch – Marketing Manager & Events Promoter Webcertain, organisers of the International Search Summit

“Bas is always top of my list when it comes to recruiting speakers for our events. He knows his subject inside out and always delivers relevant, insightful presentations. Bas also brings great enthusiasm to the topics and understands his audience well. In addition to speaking, Bas also provides great support for the International Search Summit through the State of Search website and makes a valuable contribution to the success of the events.”

[For the International Search Summit I did several presentations]

Job Bilsen – Conclusion – for AEGON

“Bas has acquainted us with the added value of Social Media in a very inspiring manner. Remarkably, he is able to uncover the layer under the surface to give valuable insights. Why we communicate with our audience and especially how we do it. This makes the integration of Social Media into a business context suddenly obvious. Bas avoids clichés and gave us inspiring new examples.”

[For Conclusion I did a presentation]

Aaron Kvitek – Oversee- Domainfest

“We were very happy to have Bas as the keynote speaker at our DOMAINfest Europe conference in Prague last year. His presentation on “The Future of Search” included examples of how search has changed for both the user and online marketer. Based on these examples, he offered helpful advice on how the online marketers in our audience should evolve their SEM and SEO strategies to keep up with the changes and stay ahead of their competition. In addition to his speaking abilities, I must also mention that Bas was generous enough to make himself available throughout the conference and at evening networking activities to meet individually with our attendees and answer their questions.”

[For Domainfest I did a keynote presentation]

Peter Young – organizer SASCON

“As one of the leading figures in the SEO industry at the present time, we were extremely pleased to have Bas speaking at Sascon this year. Bas brings a unique perspective to the event, both in terms of the wider remit in which he can present to an audience which is primarily UK centric but also in terms of the significant following he has built up as part of the State of Search audience. He has been the first name when we have started developing the proposed speakers at the event, and long may it continue.”

[For Sascon I did several presentations]

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