Part of Two E-Books: “Re-Think your Content Marketing” and “Direct Marketing” | Bas van den Beld

Part of Two E-Books: “Re-Think your Content Marketing” and “Direct Marketing”

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Part of Two E-Books: “Re-Think your Content Marketing” and “Direct Marketing”

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In the past few months I have been part of two published e-books (or white papers, however you want to call them 😉 ). For Linkdex and Selligent I each wrote a chapter for their e-books, which were both collaborative efforts of several writers. In both cases I was featured in between some great names like Joe Pulizzi, Lee Odden, Avinash Kaushik, Gerry McGovern (all in the Linkdex e-book), Karin de Beer (NS Hispeed), Alain Heureux (The Egg), Steven Van Belleghem (b-Conversational) and Geoffrey van Meer (Rabobank International) (all in the Selligent paper).

It’s off course a great honour to be featured in between those names and it was nice to write down some of the stuff I have been talking about for a while. Makes me more eager to do more with it ;).

If you want to download the entire papers, they are free! Just click on the links below and download them!

“Rethink your content marketing”


For this e-book by Linkdex I wrote about Content Marketing and how people look at it (sometimes wrong) and how you should look at it.

About the eBook

Marketing is shifting towards content creation as a primary source of lead generation and – more importantly – as a key integrated process combined with search marketing, social media, analytics and public relations. We have been talking with some great people on how marketers can innovate to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of content marketing, and we wanted to keep those conversations going and give out this free 214 page eBook. Thank you to all the below people who kindly included their opinions in this publication.

Download the e-book here.

“Collaborative white paper: Direct Marketing”

white-paper-direct-marketingFor this White paper I wrote a chapter about Influence Marketing: which elements are important, how sensitive are we to influence, and from who, and how can marketers act on this phenomenon.

About the eBook

Digital marketing and relationship marketers have long walked their own way. Relationship marketers are experts in the art of activating data for enhanced customer value. Digital marketers are the people you need when it comes to optimizing media budgets to generate traffic and following up that first click of attention. Bridging the gap between digital marketing and relationship marketing makes every marketer a ‘direct marketer’. In this white paper 12 experts explain their vision of the digital world and its future.

Download the e-book here.

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