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Introducing Speak with Persuasion

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Introducing Speak with Persuasion

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There is an interesting exercise that might surprise you. The exercise only involves counting things:

  • Count the number of times you or someone at your office is talking to an audience at an event.
  • Then add the number of times someone is talking to a group of clients.
  • Add to that the number of times you’ve been part of a ‘pitch’ in which you are presenting your business or your product.
  • Then add the number of times people are speaking to a group of colleagues

What’s your number? Is it higher than expected? I bet it is.

Without realising, we are all speakers. Whether it is at a conference or during our everyday work. In the business of marketing, this is even more so. We are also training our clients, sometimes even teaching potential clients. We are doing webinars, creating videos, and much more.

We are always “speaking in public”.

As marketers, we are doing this all with one main purpose: to persuade. To persuade our clients to choose us, to persuade their clients to choose them. To persuade our colleagues or our management from the direction we are choosing.

We are always trying to persuade.

So answer me this: why is there so little attention for doing this right?

Too often, I am surprised about how little businesses actually pay attention to this part of the job. Because that’s what it is: part of the job.

Yet we expect everyone in our organisations to ‘do it’. Talent or no talent. They expect you to speak in one or more of the situations described above. Without any problem.

This why last year I started offering a public speaking course to agencies.

But we can do more.

Introducing Speak with Persuasion

This is why I am proud to announce a new venture: Speak with Persuasion.

At Speak with Persuasion, we aim to make every marketer a better speaker. Whether it is for internal or external purposes.

Speak with Persuasion will be offering different training options. Training that fits both individuals and businesses. At the same time, it will also be a learning platform for (marketing) speakers.

There are articles, a blog (where learnings and good examples are shared). We have unique e-mail tips and insights, and soon we will have a podcast, online training and webinars.

At Speak with Persuasion, you can learn everything about public speaking and persuasion.

Whether you experienced in speaking or not. Whether you are looking for small tips or big changes. If you are looking for information to improve your pitches. Or if you want to know more about being a trainer, it’s all there.

Go check it out!

I’d love to know what your thoughts are, so message me or drop me a tweet (and don’t forget to follow Speak with Persuasions Twitter feed!).

PS If you’d like me to come and deliver a talk or run a workshop for your business: ping me an email. I’d be happy to chat further!

PS 2 Of course, I’d love some shares on social about this!

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