The importance of mobile and the user perspective -

The importance of mobile and the user perspective

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The importance of mobile and the user perspective

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Last week I spent a few days in Munich for the SMX Munich conference. It was a great couple of days for many reasons. I met up with some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I was able to connect with some new people and had a great time with some I speak more often. And yes, I spoke :).

In Munich, I shared a stage with Cindy Krum, who is the major authority on Mobile SEO. We talked about Mobile-Friendly User Experience. The session was a great one. I kicked it off talking about how to look at mobile and how people behave on mobile. In the presentation, I made sure to add some German statistics since after all we were in Germany. The slides can be found here:

I wrote an extensive post about my part on State of Digital here.

The importance of mobile

It’s evident that these days mobile is important. 8 out of 10 people now own a smartphone. And if you look at emerging markets, it’s mobile first all the time. So mobile is important.

However, I personally believe many look to mobile in a wrong way. They focus on the device first, the phone that is. Whereas looking at mobile is actually a lot more (as I describe in the talk and article).

Mobile is where people are. Knowing where people are is more important than the device they are on. If you understand they are on the move, you can create content that fits their needs. That’s even more important than the device (which can change).

This presentation fits into what I have been saying a lot in the past years. It’s part of understanding your customers. That also means it’s part of how you figure out what your audience wants and what content should be created to fit that.

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