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Holy Crap! I won the award for European Search Personality of the Year!

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It was a crazy week last week. After I had flown to Iceland for RIMC and gotten back home I flew out again to Berlin where I was awarded with what I believe is the biggest honor award you can get in the search industry at the moment: European Search Personality of the Year!

Last Wednesday I traveled to Berlin to attend the European Search Awards 2015. With State of Digital we were mediapartners and Linkdex had 4 nominations to win, so there was a lot of reason to go.

This was going to be one of my shorter trips so I decided to take my car to the airport so I would be sure I would be able to get home quickly the day after because I had to pick the kids up from school. When I got to the airport however Schiphol had decided to close down the parking garages, which are closest to the airport without any warnings. I had to drive around for almost half an hour to end up parking in the furthest place you can imagine. I would have been better off taking the train.

Because of this I almost missed my flight. That turned out to be the only stress I had that day. It would only get better. Much better.

In Berlin I met up with old friends. When you travel to speak you meet up with some people at events. An awards ceremony always means there are many people there you know. It’s kind of like a reunion sometimes. Some people I hadn’t seen in a long time, so it was really good to catch up.


I catched up with people before, during and after dinner. After dinner the actual awards started. Linkdex was nominated for four different awards so we were excited to have a shot at winning one or more. Before the categories from Linkdex came up Lisa Myers, co-founder with me on State of Search, and her company VerveSearch had already won 3 awards (congratulations!) so the atmosphere in the room was good. I was asked to hand out an award as well and the evening reached a nice peak when Linkdex actually won the award for best innovation for the Entity Search tool.

It however wasn’t over yet. During the evening there had been some hints but when Jackie Hole got on stage and started to talk about the award for Search Personality she was going to hand out it became clear to me something special was about to happen. I was expecting someone else to win the award, but when Jackie talked about the fact that the person who won it was special for her because he had helped her and she would not have been on the stage without him I realized she was talking about me. And indeed then she mentioned my name:

I am the European Search Personality of the year!


Holy crap!

It truly is great to receive an award like this. It is a huge recognition of all that I have been doing in the past few years, trying to educate the industry and getting it to the next level. For those not in the industry: you can compare it the winning best player of the year in Europe in sports, but then in the industry ;-).

On stage I told a story about how different people in the industry, starting with Collette and Dom had helped me when the site got hit about a year and a half ago and that Dom had said he helped me because of ‘Karma’. I truly believe that is what earned me this award as well. Giving makes that at one point you get as well. That also shows in tribute post the editorial team on State of Digital wrote for me.

Thank you!

When on stage I didn’t have time to thank all the people that made that I won this award and to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed so probably also forgot some names. So I would definitely want to name them again and some more here.


Starting of course with the editorial team of State of Digital, lead by the fantastic Sam Noble, with Barry Adams, Jo Turnbull, Russell O’Sullivan, Louis Venter, Jackie Hole and Arianne Donoghue. Lisa Myers, without whom it would have never happened if we hadn’t set up State of Search all those years ago. And of course the Linkdex team lead by my friend Matt Roberts with a huge role for Collette Easton. The marketing team there with Valbona, Pat, Matt and all the others. And then the industry friends. Too many to mention of course, but think about Roy (former co-host of the radio show), Paul Madden, Dom Hodgson, Gareth Hoyle, James Murray, Dave Naylor, from whom I learned so much, Kristjan Hauksson and so many others that I would have to mention names here forever. Of course also a big thank you to the organisers of the event Don’t Panic.

The most important thing is to realize that this award is one that shows that working together pays off. It’s the people that make the business, not the tools.

So thank you all for this fantastic award. I am hugely proud of it and will carry the title with honor!

Find below some more images of the evening, if you want to see more, the organisation has some here.

Winners with Linkdex!

Winners with Linkdex!

The great host of the evening, Mel Carson

The great host of the evening, Mel Carson

Dom and Gareth

Dom and Gareth

Handing out an award

Handing out an award

Lisa and her Vervesearch team

Lisa and her Vervesearch team

Jackie announcing my win

Jackie announcing my win

Winning! With Jackie

Winning! With Jackie

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I’m a UK Influential in Online Marketing, but I’m Dutch…

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Next week I will be speaking at SES London again. I have done that for the past few years and it’s always an event I enjoy a lot. That is for several reasons: the audience is very diverse, from SEO’s to ‘General’ Online Marketers and it is always a great opportunity to meet up with friends from within the industry. Also because a lot of US based people are coming over for this one.

One of the people coming over is Lee Odden, who I have had the pleasure of meeting up with several times over the past few years. Lee is a successful author, speaker and he runs Toprankblog, one of the first online marketingblogs I started following years ago.

On his blog Lee every year looks at the UK Blogs, which are a must-follow. Last year State of Search featured there. This year they took a different angle and looked at the top influencers and bloggers in the UK. For that they asked suggestions from people within the UK industry and then looked at their influential status.

Very surprisingly I showed up in that list, and quite high as well:


Surprising not because I’m not an influential (I know I am), but more that I’m not English and this clearly is a list of Top UK Influentials and Bloggers. And I’m Dutch.

Lee Odden explained it to me in an e-mail:

“Quite a few of the people we reached out to for nominations mentioned you specifically for this list, more than any other person that made it.”

Which means UK people nominated me to be on that list. Which off course is great! I am very honoured to be a Dutchman this high up in the list of UK influentials and bloggers in online marketing. It is the result of hard work running State of Search, speaking, doing workshops and consulting agencies, helping them determine their strategy directions.

Thank you all those who put me on this list!

Be sure to check out our State of Search event week running up to SES London next week!

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State of Search got nominated! Vote for best SEO blog!

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State of Search, the website I founded only two months ago because I wanted to write in depth content, has been nominated for best SEO Blog!

It was kind of a surprise for all of us I think, but last week I noticed that at the Search & Social Web Awards there was one nomination among the 22 nominees for best SEO Blog who had never been there before: State of Search! We are ‘battling’ with great sites like Searchengineland, Dave Naylor’s blog and Searchenginepeople. All great blogs so we are first and foremost very proud of the nomination! Only two months in and then this, its a recognition for all the efforts we have put in there. Thanks to the bloggersteam at State of Search we made this nomination. But… off course we would like as many votes as possible to at least take a shot at victory. And for that we need you help!

What can you do? First of all, go here: and vote for us! You have to fill in quite the questionnaire (but a tip: you can skip things 😉 ). Second, you can spread the word! Retweet, mail, use Facebook, get your friends involved and help us get the votes! Much appreciated!
Search & Social Awards

Some of the best State of Search posts are:

10 Ways to Increase your Twitter Followers & 10 Essential Tools to do it

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A new experience: being a judge at SES Amsterdam

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Today I had a new experience. For the first time I took part in a jury for an award. And it was fun! I am one of the judges for the search engine marketing award in the Netherlands, which is being presented at Search Engine Strategies Amsterdam, later this month.

Being a judge is fun, it is a bit similar to looking at proposals, which I do for clients also. The big difference off course is that in this case the job is already done. When judging I took an extra good look at innovation. I believe its important that search marketing agencies innovate and  use the web to its fullest.

At the same conference I will be leading a panel on news and search in which amongst others Brent Payne. It will be a good conference by the looks of it. Joost de Valk together with BBP and Incisive Media has been busy with the program for some months now and I must say, it looks good! Bill Hunt, who I have seen several times this year, will come as will Dixon Jones and off course Mike Grehan. But don’t forget to look at some of the Dutch speakers like Eduard, and I am especially looking forward to hearing David Brinks & Ramon Eijkemans talk about SEO copywriting.

Are you going to be at SES Amsterdam? Come say hi!

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